A little bit about HUSKI

My journey

Carlos Torres, aka HUSKI, is a 24 year old bass artist from Moreno Valley, California. He started djing at the age of fifteen for highs chool parties with friends. That was when he practiced his mixing skills and built a name for himself. Later in

college, Carlos picked up FL Studio to produce music and HUSKI was born. Since then, his bass tracks have been

in popular music channels such as Emengy, Trap Sounds, Plugged Records (MMXVAC Sub-Label) and Free The

Pandas (Panda Funk Sub Label). They have generated thousands of plays and playlist additions from fans

around the world. His production style is definitely a mixed breed of dubstep and house elements. His tracks

make it seem like you really are getting the best of both worlds, with mind-boggling drum switches and bass

that will leave you craving more.

HUSKI has played in some of thee most renown venues in Southern California. He has opened up for artists

such as 12th Planet, Lumberjvck, Blvk Sheep, YDG, SweetTooth, and Rickyxsan to name a few. In 2018, HUSKI

had his first major performance in Ohio at Excision’s Lost Lands Festival. In 2019, he had his first headlining

show in Canada, first out of state gig in Denver, Colorado at Club Vinyl for the infamous Bass Ops and played his first big drive-in rave on Halloween alongside with Virtual Riot, Eliminate and more!

Aside from djing and production, HUSKI started an underground movement called Low End with his cousin.

Low End hosts monthly EDM parties to support local artists and DJs. It has reeled in thousands of awesome

attendees from around town and has curated one of Inland Empire's most passionate dance communities in Southern California. HUSKI wishes to continue to use Low End as a platform to help artists showcase

their talent and have a place for everyone else to be apart of the movement and create memories.

Needless to say, HUSKI is definitely an underdog to keep an eye out for over the next couple of years. His

ambition, artistry, and music shows that he has long term plans in this industry and will continue to influence

wherever he plays.